Colophon for the Tower of Jade

My favorite decorative age is Art Deco. I just love the look and feel of a lot of those images and illustrations. So when I had to redesign my site content it seemed only natural for me to look to Art Deco for my inspiration.

The imagery of the site is based on a picture I saw of a panel from The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection. The panel is known as High Voltage Railway Electrification and it was created in 1933. The image that was my inspiration can be found on page 70 in the book American Art Deco by Eva Weber.

The image is also seen in the book Streamline by Steven Heller and Louise Fili on page 72.

Along with these books and images are the echos of deco that have been published in the recent past. I'm including among these the Batman The Animated Series DVD's and the book that ties into them, Batman: Animated. Both the DVD's and the book are excellent, and provide a lot of opportunities for a dedicated individual to find creative backgrounds, layouts, and dingbats. (And by the way, Hearts of Ice from the First Season DVD is widely regarded as one of the best Batman stories ever written. It's beautiful.)

The heading type is Plaza D Regular. The body type is Verdana.

Thanks to Mike Davidson for the creation of sIFR, which allowed me to use the Plaza D font in the headers.

Thanks to Eric Meyer's CSS Design: Going to Print and ALA’s New Print Styles articles at A List Apart for inspiring me to add a printer friendly CSS file to my site.

Thanks to Panera Bread Cafe 3005 for the free WiFi I use every morning, and to Jenna in particular for having my soda and bearclaw ready for me when I walk in. Of course she's gone now since school started, so I have to train someone new. That's OK though. Good luck Jenna! Otterbein College is lucky to have you pursuing one of their Music Department's degrees.

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Software used

To create this work of electronic art, I used the usual suspects:

I also used Eric Meyer's Color Blender tool to examine color combinations. Great tool. Now I just need to package it as a Dreamweaver extension...

Other support

This site is hosted by the fine fellows at Vortexhost. If you need good web hosting, please consider them. They're great guys and provide excellent support.

In addition, you'll probably see links that have a dollar sign after them. This is so you can purchase the item from Purchasing the software or book through my site gives me a small percentage commission, and doesn't add anything to the cost of the item. So in addition to getting a good book or software package, you're helping me keep the site running. Thanks!